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Popular language learning solutions - start learning a language today!

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Trying to learn a new language? Languages Today has researched the most popular and successful online and mobile language learning solutions on the market and has partnered with the ones we think are among the best - saving you some virtual legwork!

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ChinesePod from Praxis Language now has over 250,000 users in 190+ countries and has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, NBC and many more. These language learning solutions combine convenient podcast lessons with innovative tools, mobile platforms for Android and the iphone, and live telephone/Skype teaching.

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Transparent Language: award-winning language learning software, including video immersion, flashcard tools, translation dictionaries and reference sets, and audio courses. Over 100 languages offered at highly competitive prices.

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Transparent Software - start learning a language today!

TELL ME MORE@ is one of the most complete language learning software solutions on the market, featuring rich and varied content that includes up to 2000 hours of learning and 10,000 types of exercises. TELL ME MORE® has over 7 million satisfied users worldwide, including 10,000 academic institutions and 300 of the world’s leading organizations. More information...

TELL ME MORE Language Software

Linguaphone is a world-leading language training provider. Established in 1901, the company has helped millions of people successfully learn a new language through a wide range of self-study language courses, now sold in over 60 countries worldwide. More information...

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LangLearner is an online web and mobile platform that helps you learn languages, for business, travel, leisure, or school - a fun, practical, intuitive way to learn, which focuses on accelerated learning of vocabulary and pronunciation using multimedia flashcards. Over 3,500 words and phrases with audio and images, plus games and quizzes, real world articles and interactive chat. More information...



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