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Popular language learning solutions - start learning a language today!




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Online web and mobile platform that helps you learn languages, for business, travel, leisure, or school ... a fun, practical, intuitive way to learn, which focuses on accelerated learning of vocabulary and pronunciation using multimedia flashcards. Over 3,500 words and phrases with audio and images, plus games and quizzes, real world articles and interactive chat.

Start learning a language today - with LangLearner


LangLearner is a scalable, innovative web-based platform for language learning. The company believes that “read, hear, see and speak” are the keys to learning a foreign language.

The platform allows rapid learning of over 120 language pairs, using 3 new and highly effective techniques:

(1) online chat with automated translation and audio pronunciation
(2) multimedia flashcards (audio, text, photos)
(3) a reading tool for context-sensitive learning

LangLearner offers over 3,000 words and phrases in the flashcard format, allowing users to see an appropriate image, hear the word in both native and target languages, and see the word in both languages. Practising words as flashcards will build this vocabulary, and many of the words you’ll learn with LangLearner are also presented within relevant phrase flashcards. LangLearner provides the strong foundation of vocabulary that is necessary for the ongoing journey of becoming fluent in a new language.

Users can choose their native language and the language to learn. Unlike other software tools, English is not always the default native language

Start learning a language today - with LangLearner

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