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SYSTRAN offers the most widely-used language translation software in the world. Offering a wide range of desktop, server and online solutions in 52 languages, the most popular products are the Systran 6 Home, Office and Business Translator desktop products.


  • Instantly translates foreign language Web pages, emails, and documents

  • Instant access to the Dictionary Lookup to choose the appropriate translation of a selected term

  • Intuitive and always available toolbar translates documents at any time

  • Option to create personalised User Dictionaries improves translation quality

  • Built-in linguistic options and the SYSTRAN Business Dictionary help you achieve the highest-possible translation quality results

  • Reuse of previous translations and stored linguistic resources boosts productivity

  • Increased efficiency resulting from multiple file format support for Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, RTF, and HTML

  • Preserves document layout to save time editing translations

  • Streamlines the translation workflow and automates the human translation process to minimise costs

  • 52 language pairs


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