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Linguatec is a leading manufacturer of innovative language technology solutions. Key products include:

  • Personal Translator: translate any document, email or web page into any one of 7 languages, with some of the highest quality automated translation technology available.

  • Mobile Translation: take a picture with a mobile phone, smart phone or PDA and automatically translate the text in it.

  • Voice Reader: converts any kind of text into astonishingly good quality audio files.

Linguatec language technology

Personal Translator:

  • Award-winning translation quality

  • Intelligent context analysis

  • 7 language pairs

  • Huge dictionaries: contain 1.8 million entries

  • High data security

  • Great for saving time

  • Certified for Windows 7

Standard Edition Advanced Edition Professional Edition

Shoot & Translate:

  • Mobile translator that can be taken anywhere

  • Small and handy: works directly on your mobile phone

  • Practical and always at your side: helps you translate wherever you are and whenever you need it

  • Translates pictures of wording on signs, menus, posters, etc.

  • Can also be used to look up words

  • Has a "read aloud" function for all translations and dictionary entries

  • Available in 6 languages with the innovative translation technology of Personal Translator 2008

Voice Reader:

  • Available in 11 languages

  • Easy conversion from text to MP3 or WAV

  • Excellent, natural pronunciation

  • Synergetic learning effects with simultaneous reading and hearing

  • For all text formats: Word, PDF, websites (HTML), etc.

  • Ideal for brushing up on your language skills (foreign language versions)


Home Edition Studio Edition



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