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You’ve probably heard the story about the Chevy Nova which failed when marketed in Latin America because 'no va’ in Spanish means ‘doesn’t go’. It’s a good story, and probably just an urban myth, but it carries a serious point.

Translation is about much more than replacing words from one language with words from another. It’s about understanding cultural differences, nuances and subtleties that make the difference between sounding professional, competent and authoritative - or sounding ridiculous.

Languages Today uses translators and proof-readers who specialise in translating marketing copy and PR materials, and have years of experience in this area. On a daily basis we translate sales and marketing brochures and documentation, Powerpoint presentations, advertising copy, press releases and articles, web sites... The list goes on.

All work is proof-read and (where requested) edited, by experienced linguists, editors and corporate marketing and management professionals of many years' experience. Documents can be delivered in a range of digital formats.

And because we have so much practical marketing experience, we see our projects from a marketer's perspective. So you know you are in good hands.


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