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IM+ from Shape Services is a multi-network instant messaging application for the mobile devices, which is able to login to all your instant messaging accounts. From one application you'll be able to see your Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ, AIM/iChat, MySpace and Jabber account.

And did we mention you can translate messages between any one of 9 languages?

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SHAPE Services is probably the world’s most successful mobile app development company. IM+ is available for Skype, Business Card Reader, RDM+, Mobiscope, xPlayer and Mobiola. Millions of customers worldwide use innovative apps created by SHAPE for Instant Messaging, IM+ Talk, Business Card Reader for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Java, Palm webOS and web browsers.

IM+ is a universal application, perfect for anyone needing to access a wide variety of services simultaneously, from IM-ing with Gchat, to sending a short tweet, to accessing the web with a very usable and convenient web browser. It is this wide variety of conveniences that makes IM+ more than just an instant messenger, but an Internet hub of activity.

In IM Push mode, IM+ is not running, yet you remain online and continue receiving IMs as emails pushed to your device's Inbox, so you can reply to them right away. Skype calls can be recorded and instantly played back as a voice message for free. And the new support for Twitter makes it one of the most versatile apps of its type available. And messaging is free - just pay standard web surfing fees.

And of course, we couldn't possibly overlook the online translation tool, which allows you to translate messages into 9 supported languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

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