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This page is designed to help people who are learning Latin, who want to learn Latin or who have an interest in Latin. Below you will find links to a range of high-quality resources such as dictionaries, annotated texts, help with grammar, exercises and cultural and historical information.


Please use the links to the left to access Languages Today's resources to help with learning and understanding Latin. Some are completely free, some are not. All are offered in good faith, and we do our best to make sure they are still relevant and useful to people learning Latin, but ultimately we cannot be responsible the ongoing quality of their content.

In addition to the links on this page you will find other resources and suggestions from Amazon and Google, which you will hopefully find useful.

Please browse, select comment and suggest other ideas for inclusion here in this section.

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 Dictionaries & Vocabulary:

Perseus Project Lewis & Short

(Latin/English & English/Latin)

The most comprehensive dictionary on the internet (and it's free). Latin to English and English to Latin.


(Latin/English & English/Latin)

Free online dictionary provided by Universities of British Columbia & Kansas. Latin to English and English to Latin.

UND Dictionary

(Latin/English only)

= University of Notre Dame in the US. Free online Latin to English dictionary with a database of 15,000 words.


(Latin/English only)

Free online Latin to English dictionary with a database of 15,000 words. Also available as a free download.


(Latin/English only)

Free downloadable dictionary, essentially a variant on Words (above). Latin to English only

Blitz Latin

(Latin/English only)

Downloadable software (free trial, licenses @ c GB£30). Promotes itself as 'the fastest, most comprehensive and best-quality machine Latin translator anywhere'. Latin to English only.

Amazon links

Search for Latin dictionaries and learning tools available for purchase via the Amazon website.


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Grammar Tools/Aids & Exercises

The most widely-used Latin courses seem to be the Cambridge Latin course, the Oxford Latin, in the US the Wheelock course and (our own favourite) 'Ecce Romani'. All of these can be obtained via the Amazon site. Here are some online resources:

Allen & Greenhoulgh's New Latin Grammar

About the most comprehensive online grammar reference, provided as part of the Perseus Project.

Ohio University

A wealth of Latin grammar and other resources.


Another good selection of online grammar. vocabulary and exercise resources, plus some Latin texts as well.

E L Easton

A range of grammar resources and links to exercises from the most widely-used Latin course books.

Amazon links

Search for hard copy grammar references available for purchase via the Amazon website.


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Texts online

Perseus Project Latin and Greek Texts

Probably the most comprehensive set of online Latin and Greek texts, available with full English translations and online Latin and Greek dictionaries. You'll struggle to find much better than this. And it's all free.

The Latin Library

Not as comprehensive, but includes links to medieval and neo-Latin texts. Texts only, no translation, annotation or dictionary.

Amazon links

Search for hard copy Latin texts available for purchase via the Amazon website.


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Cultural & other links

Common phrases

Some of these you come across nearly every day, but do you know what they mean? Includes phrases, abbreviations, quotes, legal terms and plant and animal names.

Words of Wisdom

A small selection of anecdotes. some rather bizarre, from Languages Today about the origins of some commonly-used English words...

Grexlat Latinitas Site

A wealth of Latin-based resources. The only downside - the entire site is in Latin!

News in Latin

Up-to-date news service provided in Latin by, oddly enough, Finnish radio station YLE Radio 1.

Latin chatroom

Run by the same Finnish radio station. And yes, the Latin is genuine...


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